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the smart thing to do is to bring judge andrew napolitano on board. i know he's got his view of senator lindsey graham's comments. i welcome judge napolitano, senior judicial analyst for fox news. judge, do we designate this guy enemy combatant or treat him through the criminal justice system? >> well, first good evening, governor. it's a pleasure to be on your show. thanks for having me. senator graham is well known to many of us at fox. he's also a friend of mine. no one can question his motivation. but we'll start with a couple of basics. the first is that the constitution is the supreme law of the land. how do we know that? it says it in the constitution. the second is everybody who works for the government -- you did this when you were the governor of a, i di arkansas, in i was a superior court of new jersey -- takes an oath. the proper procedure here is to prosecute the surviving of the two brothers in the federal district court, probably not in boston. i don't know how he can get a fair trial in boston, but in some federal district court somewhere that has jurisdiction over these
a tough new antigun law, judge andrew napolitano will join me to talk about this assault on the second amendment. lou: this breaking news in from kentucky -- fort knox on lockdown after a shooting at human resources command, no reports of casualties or injuries, but army post confirming this is on 100% lockdown, all inbound and out bound traffic, closed. we'll have details as soon as we bring them to you on the shooting and fort knox. fort knox on lockdown as a result of a shooting that has taken place, all of the details that we have right now. but, as soon as they become available we'll bring them to you. >> all but one of former atlanta school educators indicted in one of the largest cheating scanneddals have turned themselves in former elementary school principal, only person. of 35 indicted, not to report to jail before a midnight tuesday deadline. former superintendent of atlanta schools beverly hall surrendered last night, and released hours later after posts $200,000 bond. hall, allegedly engaged in a broad conspiracy where they changed student test scores and received bonuses
this report out that that the irs can read your e-mails, tweets and tax. judge andrew napolitano will be here a little bit later on. stocks with nicole petallides. nicole: though both keep running here on wall street. we are getting closer to 15,000. no worries here. majority of dow component well into the green. names like hewlett-packard and microsoft are under pressure. about 20 negative dow points. slow down qe. the number one headline is we are close to golf 15,000. connell: we will stay on top of that. we also want to talk about the job market today. the estimate was for 365. that was better then the expected number. the number of americans quitting their jobs is now at its highest level. believe it or not, this is seen by many people as a good sign. good to see you, dan. if i quit my job, i am confident enough i can find another one out there. what do you make of this? >> i saw this story. i looked at the report and most were in the south. they were in categories known as accommodations and food. i think that is hotel workers and fast food workers. connell: one of them maybe they are g
bankruptcy ruling on stockton, california. fox judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says this case is unprecedented. he will join tracy byrnes and ashley webster here on fox business. tracy: happy monday, i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: i'm ashley webster. is the market record run a bubble about to pop? former reagan budget director david stockman says yes and a collapse is coming and time to hide out in cash but is he right on the money we'll talk with one top strategist who says, no way. that's coming up. tracy: a critical bankruptcy ruling on stockton, california, could come any minute. fox news's judge andrew napolitano will tell us how the case will impact cities pensions around the country. ashley: small business, big ideas. we'll meet the founder of one health food snack maker making pretty healthy profits being way ahead of the gluten-free craze. tracy: they're so good too. top of the hour. time for stocks. we go down to nicole petallides. stocks off the worst levels of the day, nicole but you know, we're still in the red. >> we are indeed after a great first quarter for all the
andrew napolitano. connell: all u.s. american flights grounded yesterday. ♪ connell: a big selloff in the markets. we will get to rich with the latest development now evolving president obama with these powdered subsistence, ricin, or whatever they may be in a couple minutes. dagen: nicole petallides is at the new york stock exchange with more. nicole: easy come easy go. use all the up arrow's yesterday. how about the tech heavy nasdaq version mark down over 2%. you had earnings and both bank of america and intel are to the downside. some cases, seven week lows for the european stocks. back to you. connell: thank you, nicole. dagen: learning a second letter containing a powdered substance thought to be ricin was also sent to president obama. connell: we do not know yet. rich edson has the story. rich: two letters, one sent to a senator, one sent to president obama. intercepted at a secondary facility. both containing a white powdery substance. the one sent to the senator preliminary tested positive for ricin. the one sent to president obama is also being tested right now. those who
if we do, then what happens? judge andrew napolitano on that after this everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> neil: all right. apparently no suspect at hand or one arrested. they might be close. or they -- they might have arrested somebody. but certainly they're not saying it right now. that does raise the issue, who did they arrest? who would it be? judge andrew napolitano here, it really does depend on that person and the nationality of that person. judge, explain, 'cause that could decide where that suspect goes. >> it wouldn't depend on their nationality. it would depend on their
it to the judge, judge andrew napolitano. is it a little bit of both? >> i think it probably is a little both. there's two ways the fbi can capture key strokes on a computer. one is by calling the internet service provider and asking for a favor, basically persuading the internet service provider to them tap no. nobody will know and the government will give you immunity if the persons whose key strokes we capture finds out. this happened in the bush administration until our colleagues in the media revealed this and then the government stopped. the other way the fbi can get information is by going to a judge, presenting evidence of probable cause of crimes -- this the fourth amendment requires -- getting an order from the judge. both ways require the cooperation of the internet provider in the first i would the provider says we'll let you in and look the other way in the second way the provider has to come over and we'll let you in. both ways require the input of the service provider to connect the fbi to the internet, which the fbi says it can't do on its own. what does the fbi want? the fbi
: is that a reversal? judge andrew napolitano will join us later this hour. what did the senator say to the judge? find out when the judge joins us a little bit later. moving forward with an internet sales tax? here is what the illinois state treasurer told us earlier this week. >> it is not just the idea of the revenue that comes in. it is really an abundance, fairness issue. it is for the property owners, the land owners. this really gets down to a fairness issue. stuart: that was dan rutherford on this program on monday. this sales tax is a fairness issue. our next guest disagrees. >> anybody who tries to pitch this new tax as a fairness tax is not telling the truth. it is a money grab. it is a money grab by states like new york, illinois and california. it is another obama tax on the middle-class. it is another tax on entrepreneurs. it is a job killer. stuart: the state of illinois is one of the most insolvent states in the nation. you are desperate for money. you do not think and internet sales tax would help on the money side? >> i think this is a great example of looking at where the u.s. econom
from judge andrew napolitano this hour all. that will be at 10:35 a.m. how about those homebuilder stocks? nicole: they are down. let's take a look at lennar. it is down about 2.5%. some big moves when you get into existing home sales which are less than analysts had expected. we did get one positive. right now, you can be it is tough to bounce back. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. i want to turn to charles now for a moment. his economy going through what may be called a spring swirled? are we losing ground? this housing development is more news to that effect. where do you stand on this? charles: it is a that the audience should be aware of. beginning right around this particular date. last year we had a decided swoon . the stock market reaction has been a lot more negative than the actual fundamental news, the actual economic data. gdp was not that bad. all of that stuff did not really justified, necessarily the swoon. growth at 3%. now we are looking at this quarter. certainly glad into percent. we will slow down. to what degree will that be represented remains to be seen.
a bankruptcy judge have? who will talk to andrew napolitano about the stockton situation, how much power does a bankruptcy judge really have there? he will detail it all very clearly for us this morning. let's go back to paul krugman. more what he says. thanks in large part to the super majority of the state house and tax increases by governor jerry brown. we have a very special graphic for the policy on the left. there it is. your reaction. let's go to you, cheryl. i have made a mockery of this. is that california is not making a comeback, tax and spend is not the way to go, and you say? cheryl: i say you are absolutely right. the policy in california, this is why you have the governor of texas, rick perry, launching ads to get business to leave the state. you have dairy farmers, 12 other governors right now courting the dairy industry, no more happy cows because of regulation, high taxes, high cost, etc., etc. that is one specific example why the policies in california do not work. stuart: still a very high rate of unemployment in california. liz: it is worse than rhode island and nevada. s
battle over her, right? judge andrew napolitano will weigh in on that case next. adam: also. here is how the dollar is moving right now. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >> at 21 minutes past the hour i'm arthel neville with your fox news minute. president obama is calling former british prime minister margaret thatcher a great champion of freedom and liberty. thatcher led the united kingdom from 1979 to 1990 as britain's only female prime minister. she took on unions and won. she sold off state-run industries and along with president ronald reagan teamed up to fight communism and support the military buildup that resulted in the end the cold war. margaret thatcher was 87. >>> 1950s mousketeer and teen star a net fun cello has died. part of original mick my mouse club on television
security at risk. judge andrew napolitano, fox judicial analyst, a former judge himself. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: did the judge interfere with the case? >> absolutely not. the fbi filed the criminal complaint. that started in motion a series of events the fbi is intimately familiar the once they file the criminal complaint he becomes a defendant. a defendant in federal court must be brought immediately before a judge. if he at large they arrest him. if he is already in the fbi custody they bring him to the judge. if they can't bring him to the judge they bring the judge to him. the law require immediate or soon as possible first appearance. in first order of business, bill, the defendant's first appearance is the miranda warnings. if the fbi did not want him to have miranda warnings, whether you think that is good or bad that is value judgement they should have not filed the criminal complaint against him when they did. by filing the criminal complaint they invoked the federal rules of criminal procedure which inevitably result in the presence of the defendant
in the wake of boston bombing. judge andrew napolitano breaks it down next with tracy and ashley next on fox business. don't miss it. change makes people nervous. but i see a rld bursting with opportunity, with ideas, with ambition. i'm thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it. ishares international etfs. emergingarkets and single countries. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. is engngineered for comfort. like parts that create your perfect temperature and humidity or the parts that purify the air. together, these parts can cut your heating and cooling bills in half. which is quite comforting. and here's the best part... call now to get up to sixteen hundred dollars back or 12 months deferred interest on select lennox home comfort systems. offer ends june 14th. plus download our f
andrew napolitano. now, what will he say about this disgrace at 10:26 this morning. margaret thatcher, she was britain's prime minister for 11 years, she changed the country, and changed it dramatically. and she, being the british leader in the 1970's, i might never had left. she inherited a society that was financially and more importantly, morally bankrupt. in the 1970's, britain will become a socialist economy. the government owned and ran the coal, steel, auto, airline businesses, power supply, water supply, almost all transportation, all heavy industry. if the government didn't own it, it was very, very tightly regulated. britain had become a something for nothing society with various-- it was the very much the sick man of europe, a country in dramatic decline. against all the odds and almost singlehandedly margaret thatcher reversed the moral decline. personal responsibility made a come back, capitalism was renewed. and the people responded by electing her prime minister in three consecutive elections, that's never happened before. she cut taxes, she privatized whole sections of
insurance or face a fine. is that legal? all rise, the judge, andrew napolitano is here. this reminds me of obamacare. get out and get insurance or we'll fine you. this is guns. if you don't get liability insurance, we fine you. legal with obamacare, legal with guns? >> remember the way that the fine in obamacare was characterized by the supreme court. the only way that federal government can fine you to coerce your behavior is to call it a tax. and if it is a tax, it must bear a financial relationship to the product you declined. the tax on obamacare is roughly equivalent to, according to mrs. pelosi and company, what the government's cost would be to purchase healthcare insurance for you because you're taxed because you refuse to buy it. the government will take tax dollars and buy it for you. >> you can't do that with guns. >> , no you but in order for the court to find this to be a tax, the amount would be the rough equivalent of an insurance policy or rider on your homeowners insurance policy. $10,000, grossly out of line. not even close to what the insurance policy would cost. >> t
with master card. that's no surprise to judge andrew napolitano who warned about this happening years ago in the middle of a meltdown. that was then. the judge is with me now. >> it's very weird. first of all when the government force feeds you cash, some people wanted the cash, the banks were about to go under, some banks didn't need the cash. there's no provision for the government picking -- >> neil: a lot didn't want the cash. >> they were told that they didn't take the cash, didn't take the government's billions, create a class of stock and sell it to the government for billions, they would be subject of ruinous audits bit fdic and the top 60 banks were forced to take tarp money. some needed it, some didn't. the government is not in the business of picking winners and loser. now we learn that some of them, in order to pay the government back, borrowed or received other grants from the very same government they were paying back. can you imagine the absurdity? you owe me money, i'll lend you the money with which to pay me back the money you owe me. that was done with taxpayer dollars.
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. judge andrew napolitano joining me and we will talk about the prosecution of the boston marathon bombing suspect. "justice"
's take this to the judge. judge andrew napolitano good to see you. i remember we were -- producers and i were talking about this sort of thing has happened repeatedly, lately. remember the suspect in california, the cop who was killing cops? >> right. >> he let man live and that man led to his demise. in this case, he let a carjacking victim live, and arguably that led to his demise as well. >> the statement you just quoted, which is exceptionally chilling, comes from a ten-page affidavit signed by an fbi agent. the agent kits he has reviewed much of the evidence, including all the videotapes, and he summarized all of it in the affidavit. the purpose of the affidavit it to back up a criminal complaint. the criminal complaint must filed within 48 hours of suspect number two's arrest. this is not the complaint on which he will be tried because the next document will be, or eventually, there will be an indictment from a grand jury. this is sufficient to keep him in jail until the grand jury can meet and decide what it will indict him for. that indictment -- the complaint is just a half page
birthday gift. says judge andrew napolitano. you can tweet us for free. send me something. i will give it to greg. adam: the top three things to watch tomorrow. fed reserve president said to speak in the morning. he has been a strong opponent of the fed's aggressive monetary policy. voting against qe3 saying it will not do much to help the labor market. liz: and the index out showing strong gains with all components working good including a rise in job openings rising higher. adam: the number one thing to watch tomorrow are shares of alcoa. earnings molest our beat estimates. the companies seen as a barometer for the earnings season with the s&p following
of criminal procedure and our senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano explained those rules today on "studio b." >> he has been in custody 72 hours. the law says you have to keep -- in order to keep him you have got to file a criminal complaint with a federal judge to justify keeping him beyond that time period. if you can get them before a judge because of the physical condition, you get the judge to them. this is not rocket science, shep. >> shepard: judge napolitano points out we all have the right to remain silent even before somebody tells us we do. team fox coverage continues. catherine herridge live for us in washington tonight. i understand you have more on the boston bombs. >> that's right, shep. more testimony on capitol hill today that the boston bombs are sophisticated and not the work of amateurs. the new intelligence bulletin first reported by fox news confirms that detonator most likely used parts from remote controlled cars which can be activated even with a cell phone app. >> these are not crude bombs. these are a very effective small bombs. and i think people, yo
find wireless and social media companies comply. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. he is laughing, but i know how he feels about this. >> great defender of the market. stuart: the government wants to say, hey you, you are a social network. we want to look at what stuart varney is riding on his facebook page. if you do not lead us, we will take you to court and we will find you. >> sort of. there is two ways they get information. one way is to go to facebook or google or bryson and say we need this information and we need it right away. would you just work with us? in the bush administration, the government did that and promised immunity. they also want to be able to say, we went to a judge, we presented probable cause. we got a search warrant. here is the search warrant. we do not know how to do this. you must cooperate with us. you must dedicate people to provide this information to us at your expense. if you do not, we will find you. you are obliged to make available to them the place they want to search in the thing they want to seize. you are not obliged to find it
. all right, judge andrew napolitano is here. you're laughing? >> i am laughing because this is the industry now. these lawsuits are all over the country and they will be consolidated before one judge and in one place with all the law students who claimed they have been harmed. against all of the law schools they claimed that the harming and there will be a settlement, or a trial. was it really fraud? was it really material mr. plantation are accurate at the time it was stated and then financial times changed. stuart: did a lawsuit promise you, you come into this school, you will get a job, you will get a grade. >> that is one of the issues, or will they say things like 95% of our graduates last year got jobs. it is accurate. that is an accurate statement. something you can't infer. that is the chance you took. stuart: you cannot make that a class action lawsuit because each relationship is different and separate. >> are now making the argument the lawyers for the law schools will make because each of these statements, each law school is unique to each law school, there
information drives information on wall street. judge andrew napolitano user. here is my problem. i did not have access to that information. our viewers did not have access to that information. it was only available to a few select people who paid money. therefore, could you describe it as insider trading? >> out first, kudos for the "wall street journal" for discovering this. yes, you could characterize this as insider trading. it will depend on the facts. it is not unlawful to have possession of this knowledge. it is unlawful to act on insider information to your benefit. stuart: what is insider information? >> that has been characterized in many different ways. information that would be made public, but not yet public. we do not know what these companies know. it is a lobbying group in d.c. that specializes in anticipating what the government will do. stuart: i think there is a slight error in fact there. these companies pay consultants. those consultants are people that used to work in a specific industry. >> if they extract government information from their friend still in the gove
if he would not have died. judge andrew napolitano is here. the family said, you, aeg killed him. it is your fault that died young. >> that is the argument of the estate lawyer. the lawyer for his mother and children. the aeg lawyers will say michael jackson was killed by a criminal act. how do we know that? because a jury decided that conrad murray committed a crime. >> wait a second. the trial starts today. those motions to throw it out failed. >> yes. the argument was made pretrial months ago by the same lawyer that will make them again to the jury in an effort to prevent this from going to a jury. clearly, one of the most pro- plaintiff in the united states of america likely pre-exposed to taking wealth and giving it to the jackson family. stuart: they will marshal a whole superduper team of lawyers that will press this case forever. is there a direct attempt to bankrupt aeg? >> i do not know. 40 billion is awfully extreme. it is an extraordinary amount of money. i don't think he possibly could have learned $40 billion. these are things that a jury will have to sort through.
trillion dollars. judge andrew napolitano is a senior judicial analyst and it's so unusual, normally he when you're a company you can liquidate your assets. and stockton can't sell city hall so it's strange. >> when you and i were in law school, in my case, in the middle ages, a professor says what happens if a government declares bankruptcy, the students probably would have laughed, it was unthinkable. it just doesn't happen. somehow there would be an increase in tax revenue or some sort of a bailout. i don't know what's going to happen now. stockton is the tip of-- the beginning of a very, very long train. stockton owns over 200 million dollars to people who lent it for everyday operation,bondholders and 900 million, almost a billion to the pension system. this city only has 300,000 people who live there and not actual of them own real estate and pay taxes. >> megyn: can't afford that. >> and where is the money coming from? >> one of the reasons they're in the predicament, and discussed with stuart varney yesterday, you could work for the city for an unspecified period of time and get
evil on holy ground. well, we are going to be back live tomorrow night. judge andrew napolitano joining me and we will talk about the prosecution of the boston marathon bombing suspect. "justice" with
are trying to come to terms with this event. >> megyn: joining me now is judge andrew napolitano. so in the news business we get paid to be skeptical. we have a lawyer for the woman who is married to the dead bombing suspect saying she knew nothing about it. the other lawyer said she worked 70 to 80 hours a week as a home health care aide and never saw the husband who was taking care of their toddler daughter. that can easily put you outside the home while the bombs were being made and plans were coming together and ultimately the terrorist attack was coming out. that could all be true. how do we get to the bottom of it? >> the only way the government can get to the bottom of it, if they wanted to get to the bottom from her, she doesn't wanted to speak, is subpoena her before a grand jury. they will be asking questions in front of a grand jury and not have a road map of knowing what her answers are going to be. she'll have no alternative but to answer before the grand jury unless the answer would potentially implicate her in which case she will invoke the fifth amendment. she can onl
defense team, a high profile lawyer helping him to avoid the death penalty. judge andrew napolitano is our fox senior news analyst. let's start with the wife. dna on the bomb component doesn't really tell us much. >> no. it could be a clerk in the store. it could have been something she innocently handled in her kitchen before her husband took it and turned a cooking you 10 tensile into an instrument of terror. >> megyn: even if it matches, it doesn't tell us much. >> correct. the statute requires intention. they can tell a lot about dna. >> megyn: what if her dna is on the explosive material? i mean, that would be something. if there was some remnant of a fire cracker, something that's a little less -- >> that would probable cause them to arrest her at that point. remember, they cannot only tell it was hers, they can tell how long it was there, so they can -- if they have a time line from the time this thing was purchased until the time it exploded and they can tie her into somewhere along the time line, there's an innocent part of the time line, perhaps when it was used to cook pot roast
be evidence on it? what's the situation with your phone and the cops' looking? judge andrew napolitano is here to answer any and all questions there are. the police requested cell phones and video footage; correct? just requested. you'd have a problem if demanded; correct? >> it's the constitution that has the problem if they demand it. the way to demand is to to get a search warrant, and the constitution prohibits scatter shots search warrants. you have to identify with particularly what you want, why you want it, and why there's likely evidence of a crime on it. >> you have no problem with the police requesting help with evidence available, no problem at all with that? >> i don't, and the constitution doesn't, but people have to be aware of the situation they are getting themselves in by surrendering what they think is one photograph, but, really, there's more information in here than one photograph. >> we don't want to discourage anybody from trying to help with the investigation; right? >> well, no, no, ouch the public provides information to the provider, but to the police, it's an essent
that information? judge andrew napolitano is next. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >> more on the horse race, that would be apple. look at this, new low. 393. it actually touched, the low, i think, 393, nicole. >> amazing how people are dumping out of apple. honestly, down nine bucks at 394, the lowest level since 20 # -- 2011, nowhere near 700 bucks it was in september, and it's not like they don't have anything coming out. i thought to myself, right, a couple new iphones, a refreshed version, another version. there's been talk about the ipod, ipad watch or whatever that is going to be. that might be cool. apple tv. it's not like it's a company that, you know, is horrible. i mean, what's with the dumping? >> well, do you remember in the fall of last year when apple went straight up, if it took a dip, that was the signal to buy this thing. now it's going straight down. >> that's right. >> and nobody is using this as an opportunity to buy. they are all just selling and selling and selling. i'm waiting for t
for blowing of a airport controllers. the sequester cuts could've avoided these furloughs. judge andrew napolitano is here. i introduced the expression and teachable offense. maybe i shouldn't have done that. at 6:00 this morning eastern time you and i were discussing an impeachable offense out in the hallway. i think that is going too far. maybe it is an impeachable offense, but it is not going to happen, is it? >> no, it isn't going to happen. emotionally, physically, financially, but it does not rise to the level the constitution requires for an impeachable offense. i don't think congress would go through this again with the disaster or the efforts to impeach. stuart: of course, out of the question. but your point is in the absence of a budget, the president does have the power to say you get this and you get that. you've got it. stuart: he can't take money from defense and give it to justice, but he can take money in whatever budget funds the air traffic controllers and say as he said so eloquently this morning, why all this money for consultants when we need human beings in the con
more available. dagen: judge andrew napolitano is here. what does he think about all of this? judge, how can it be western mark say it isn't so. >> the government is not only ignorant of economics 101, it is ignorant of its most recent past. lenders were encouraged to lend money to those that were on credit worthy because the government would fight the loan or they could package it and sell it. when there became no market for this, the bottom fell out of the market. that cost the american taxpayer billions. it cost human beings who lost their homes untold anguish. here we go again. the very same government that perpetrated this the last time, the now government new york, andrew cuomo, when hud bought 250,000 mortgages from private lenders because the people to whom they had loaned the money could not afford to pay them. connell: may be the most open free market person. we talk about this all the time. if you think about it theoretically, you are almost advocating a position where the government has to have more control or more regulation. if it was set up the right way-- >> i am arg
. judge andrew napolitano is here. when i heard this, somebody along the line is breaking confidentiality agreements, there's a breach of privacy here. go. >> federal law prohibits health care providers from providing information about their parties to anyone absent a subpoena or search warrant. we don't have a subpoena or search warrant here. state law in new york requires health care professionals who suspect a disconnect, my word, not the statute's word. i use that word intentionally, between the ownership of a weapon and the taking of medication to report that to the police. the disconnect could be they take an antidepressant or supposed to take one and they are not. anything that is out of the ordinary with respect to medication and guns is supposed to be reported. that after reporting, in compliance with state law is a direct violation of federal law. stuart: a clash between federal and state law. zero in on the new state law from governor cuomo. take me through the process. i own a give up, okay? maybe the pharmacist knows i've got a gun. i go in, get my anxiety medication, for exa
: andrew napolitano is with us. give us your password, judge. >> this is legislation which is on stress and scope. it basically provides for the computer servers that we all use in the government to share information extensively to ward off cyber attacks. during the process of the go station, a member of congress proposed an amendment to it whhch would have barred employers to ask for passwords of employees and that amendment failed. that does not mean if this legislation become law, that employers will ask for it, it only means that in states where it is not prohibited, employers will be free to ask for it. the larger picture here is a bazaar, unique partnership between the government and computer servers extensively to ward off attacks. computer servers know that whatever they get from the government they will have to give back in kind. their code, algorithms and our e-mails and our e-mail addresses and which you devoutly wish to have, our passwords. do we really want the government to have that bush mark are there other ways to ward off cyber attack without giving this information to
genes? judge andrew napolitano is here. let me be clear, i am glad we're covering this. i hate the notion are talking about replicating the sequence of my jeans. >> the nine justices on the court can tell that. i predicted this this morning. when i was done with stuart varney having read summaries they all augmented, it is clear they don't like it, they don't like it because they don't like having to make a scientific decision. you tell me if you think this is a legal judgment or scientific judgment. it's an inflated molecule from the gene created by nature or by man in aid of understanding nature? if created by nature it is not patentable because it is not new, useful and nonobvious. if it is created by man it is patentable and that will revolutionize the biotech industry and make some people extremely wealthy. adam: would have wound up where it ended up being mutilated hadd not the scientists actually an inflated? speaker that is the argument in favor of the patent. the other argument is, but this isn't like they created a rotary engine for automobile. but what did they start
is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. they are saying it was forced upon him. he did not ask for the drug and now all of these people will say that michael jackson did not want this to begin with. >> yes. they had a contract with michael jackson. michael jackson's heirs will say they forced doctor murray on him. they hired that you're murray knowing he would give the patient whatever he wanted. as a result, aeg should pay the jackson ayers what michael would have earned if he were still alive. the eg's argument is, wait a minute, michael jackson was killed by somebody who was convicted of homicide. by the way, we did not hire him. michael hired him. we did not tell them what drugs to put it michael. michael told them what drugs to put it michael. two sets of arguments that will play out in front of a los angeles jury. ashley: does this go to the jackson kids or the jackson family? >> michael's mother, mrs. joe jackson and his children. if any money is obtained, it will be split equally. unless the grandmother claims more, i am smiling because she has some pretty g
andrew napolitano who is going to have a field day with this one, i think. >> there is no end to the shortcuts the government will take to try to make its own job easier and basically say keep the constitution in the drawer. can they look at social websites? of course. so if you take a trip to the caribbean and you deduct the cost because you say it's a business trip, but you also show pictures of that trip to your facebook friends of you being decidedly unbusinesslike and it looks more like a vacation, because those pictures were published to a large group of people, may even be on a public website depending on where you posted it, of course the i.r.s. can look at that. they can look at anything that is public, that you knowingly make public and compare it with what you tell them in private. the more problematic one which we learned about last night from a freedom of information request that was responded to by the i.r.s. and revealed by the people who made the request, is that the i.r.s. has been claiming for a couple of years now that it can read private e-mails, and the i.
there. one by our senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. there is the judge in this case. and also read susan estridge's piece on this because it is very revealing about what arthur and i were just talking about. martha? martha: there is a new push today to learn what happened at u.s. consulate in benghazi. as hundreds of special-ops vets have gotten together now to try to push for a new investigation into that september 11th terror attack. we're going to speak with one of those vets why he thinks the obama administration has been lying he says to the american public. gregg: plus a sign of the times? a big shake-up at a major american retailer after a big change in its pricing plans. what this shows about the average american family during these tough economic times. ♪ [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need withou
a pretty clear law, doesn't it? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. how do you get around of that. >> i'm sighing because there are loopholes to that law you could drive a truck through. shortly following the statement that you read it says, except as follows. and one of the as follows is, when the court's need to know, is greater than the reporter's need to keep secrets. now, the court could claim, we're talking about a judge here, the court could claim that its need to know is great. you can't get into the judge's mind. you don't know what the judge is trying to figure out. they can't put her on the stand and make her answer questions but they can put her in jail until she does cough up her source. why do stho want to know the source? the source presumably is somebody from law enforcement. who else would have known about the notebook? martha: we should go back. it is all billion a notebook that james holmes had. obviously you had the scene of the crime, the movie theater. then you had his apartment. >> right. martha: she was able, was given information on his diar
andrew napolitano. last week his defense people said let's make a deal. we will go ahead and he will plead guilty if you promise not to execute. >> the deal itself consists of a lot of negotiating between the defense counsel, prosecutor and ultimately the judge is brought in. the judge has to make sure the deal is basically just, basically fair and both sides want to do it. for the defense to say through the media we want to plead guilty and have life without parole is unusual but not unprecedented. >>steve: why did they do that? >> they might want to put a little pressure on the prosecutors to accept this guilty plea because a death penalty prosecution will cost the state of colorado millions of dollars, will tear open the hearts of the survivors of the victims and will take five to six years between the trial, the appeals and execution would actually happen. >>gretchen: there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not james holmes is sane or insane. you're saying there are at every single point of a death penalty trial, he has to be found sane. >> he has to have been sane
senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here to break them down. are you going to start with the most free or the ones that have a griper? >> we have a chart. the most free are in green: north dakota, south dakota, tennessee and new hampshire. the least free are in yellow. new york, new jersey, my home state rhode island, california and hawaii. how do they gauge this? they gauge this by the laws that the states impose that regulate personal private behavior. in the most free states, that behavior, the size of the container out of which you drink your soda pop is unregulated by the government, and you are free to make choices. there's good news and bad news here. the bad news is that there are states like new york -- new york city -- where the government thinks it can regulate private behavior. the good news is, as ronald reagan used to say, you can still vote with your feet. if you think the taxes are too high in new jersey, you can move to pennsylvania. if you think the regulation is too much in massachusetts, you can move to new hampshire. >>steve: one of the component
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now let's dial in fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. let's talk about what kelly was referring to, the saudi national, apparently in custody in the hospital had some burns on him, not being called a suspect. perhaps he's a person of interest. could be on the student visa. >> there must be enough evidence to keep him there. he is in custody. he's not free to leave. he's not in jail. >> steve: it sounds like they searched his house last night. >> yes. similar to a search warrant issue to do a federal judge based upon whatever they knew about him and whatever he told them. so they must be learning information, which is of a suspicious nature. >> brian: judge, if he was clearly innocent, would they have been able to search his house? nothing was leading to any other reason, if he gave the right answers, would they have searched his house? >> honestly, i think almost any judge would give them almost any search warrant they want in those circumstances, as long as there is something. we saw him running away and his pattern -- >> megyn: but the bomb had just gone off. >>
rights. here to explain is fox news judge andrew napolitano. he was finally read his miranda rights. you have to do that within 48 hours? >> theoretically miranda rights should be read immediately as soon as the person is in custody, before you ask him any questions. we don't know exactly what's happened, we'll find out, but the government told us it did not read him his miranda rights, interrogated him for intelligence, not law enforcement purposes. this is highly controversial and could affect the government's case. but at some point in that interrogation which only lasted a few hours, which apparently consisted of him writing answers because he can't speak due to the injury to his throat. at some point in that interrogation, agents, professional interrogators decided we're not going to get anywhere or we've already learned everything we can learn from him. they also have on their shoulder, breathing down their neck, so to speak, a federal rule of procedure which requires he be charged with something within 48 hours. otherwise they have to let him go. they did charge him with this comp
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